Licensed Garage / Lot Changes Feb 2021

The table below includes NYC Departement of Consumer Affairs licenses that were issued or expired in Feb 2021. New or expiring licenses that are re-issued under a different company name are excluded from the results regardless of the timeframe between expiry and re-issuance.

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Date Spaces Change Borough Source
Feb 23 2021 -45 LM 29 PARK LLC
221 W 29TH ST
Manhattan Expired License 2068346-DCA (2018)
Feb 10 2021 +146 250 EAST 87TH STREET GARAGE LLC
250 E 87TH ST
Manhattan New License 2097704-DCA
Feb 09 2021 -47 75 WALL GARAGE CORP.
Manhattan Expired License 1379699-DCA (2010)

Last updated Dec 29 2021.